IST supports the Science Council’s Apprentice Week special offer

The Science Council offer described below is now closed

Have you finished a science apprenticeship in the last 5 years? Or will you finish one within 3 months?

Fermentation Techniques Gallery ImageIf so, you’re eligible for up to £55 off the cost of becoming professionally registered with the Science Council, as long as you sign up during the National Apprenticeship Week (14 – 18 March 2016). That’s a potential saving of over 60%!

If you are not an existing member of the IST, £15 will be deducted from the £30 Science Council registration fee and £30 will be deducted from the £45 IST membership fee if you choose IST as your licenced body and submit your application within the dates mentioned above.

Professional registration with the Science Council recognises the knowledge, skills and experience that you have gained from your apprenticeship, to bring you on an equal footing with other professionals.

It’s also an excellent way of demonstrating to employers that you are committed to standards of integrity and professional development, helping you stand out from the crowd and become a better scientist.