IST Chairman in UK’s Top 100 Scientists

Terry Croft - IST ExecutiveThe IST’s chairman, Terry Croft MBE FIScT, has been recognised as one of the leading scientists in the UK.

Yesterday (January 14th, 2014), the Science Council unveiled its list of 100 leading UK practising scientists.

The list was broken down into ten categories and Terry was listed in the service provider/operational scientist category.

He said: “It’s a huge honour to be included in this list by the Science Council, alongside so many people who are making such important contributions across science and technology.

“For me, the important thing to take away from this list is the message that science is about more than academic research. If you are from a technical background, you can still be a scientist who is as valuable as anyone else in the scientific community.”

Scientists were nominated by Science Council member organisations, who were asked to choose people that other scientists might look to for leadership in their area.

The aim of the list was to challenge the perception that the term ‘scientist’ only refers to academics and researchers.

Science Council Chief Executive Diana Garnham said: “It is vital that this narrow vision is challenged urgently because it is inhibiting education policy, the career ambitions of young people and investment in developing the skills we need to deliver a world class economy.

“Science is like an orchestra. It takes many instruments working together to produce a fine performance. At the moment, almost exclusively, it is the virtuosity of the soloists being addressed and praised.  Of course, they are essential to science and should be valued accordingly. However, we must, at the same time, recognise and encourage the many other types of contributory scientific talent and experience.”

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science said: “This list helpfully challenges the perception that there is only one kind of scientist and highlights the different types of skills and challenges a career in science involves.

“If we want more people to enter a career in science we need to show that the scientific community is not some exclusive club but people with a wide variety of vocations and interests who have rewarding careers and are making a significant contribution to the wealth and well-being of the UK.”

The judging panel that compiled the final list was chaired by Science Council President Sir Tom Blundell. He said: “Most emphatically the list shows that not all scientists wear white coats and that scientists are not only found in universities and research labs: they are literally everywhere in a wide variety of careers and occupations.”

For more information go to: Science Council’s 100 Leading UK Practising Scientists