HEaTED Courses Directory Available

The IST is a member of  HEaTED and actively supports the benefits that HEaTED can provide, both for institutions within the Higher Educations/Further Education sectors and at individual level. One of the benefits of HEaTED is access to a wide range of courses aimed specifically at the HE/FE sector.

HEaTED Course Brochure:

The HEaTED 2013-14 Course Directory is now available to download (HEaTED Courses Directory). You can also browse the directory live on https://www.heated.ac.uk/our-courses/

This quick reference course directory is categorised into the following four Sections:

  • Chapter 1: Personal Development
    Includes courses covering Leadership and Management
  • Chapter 2: Health and Safety
    Includes courses covering Gases Handling and Stores
  • Chapter 3: Science and Engineering
    Includes courses covering Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Forensic Science, Geography, Marine Science, Mathematics, Medical and Health Care, Physics
  • Chapter 4: Creative, Media and IT
    Includes courses covering Art and Design, Creative, Media, IT and Computer Science

(If you would like hard copies of any brochures to share with colleagues please email admin@heated.ac.uk)

How to use the Course Directory online:

  • You can use a simple search function on the HEaTED website to find courses which meet your training and development needs.
  • You can search by discipline, course code, and keyword
  • If the course does not have a date or location please contact HEaTED and they will be happy to arrange for courses to be run locally in your workplace

Please contact the HEaTED team if…

  • you have suggestions for other courses / training areas that could be included in the directory
  • you would like to promote or run a course through HEaTED

Course Providers:

If you would like to develop, promote, or arrange to run a course through HEaTED then please contact admin@heated.ac.uk