S-Lab Event: Good Laboratory Housekeeping – Free Workshop

Good Laboratory Housekeeping: Environmental, Financial and Performance Benefits from Minimising Resource Use

University of Edinburgh, 5th February 2013

This free workshop highlights opportunities to achieve improvements in efficiency and effectiveness with regard to resource consumption (chemicals, consumables, energy, water etc.). The focus will be on ‘win win’ measures which are compatible with – and help to support – Good Laboratory Practice and Health and Safety requirements.

The workshop content is structured around the categories of the S-Lab Laboratory Assessment framework that is currently implemented in about 20 UK universities, mainly via the Green Impact scheme. These have been developed in conjunction with technical support staff, and cover topics such as chemical management, cold storage, and waste minimisation. The workshop will provide many examples of improvements that have been made in these areas, in Scottish universities and elsewhere.

See the GoodCampus website for the event flyer booking facilities for the event.