IST Committed to Supporting Technical Staff within the Creative Arts

The IST is firmly committed to developing support and professional recognition for technicians, specialists and managers working within Creative Arts environments. To help with that work  and to emphasise their commitment to this area the Institute has recently elected it’s first Fellow based in the arts – Mr Kuldip Singh.

Kuldip SinghWe are very pleased to announce the election to Fellow for Kuldip Singh, who is located at the University of Huddersfield. Kuldip is the Technical Support Manager in the School of Music, Humanities and Media. We look forward to working with him to help develop the professional status of technology staff working within Creative Arts based disciplines. For staff working in these disciplines, who may not be able to apply for registration through the Science Council, we can offer professional registration to via our Registered Practitioner scheme,  which has been restructured to bring it in line with the Science Council’s RSci and RSciTech awards.

Kuldip’s reaction to his Fellowship election is as follows:

“I have recently received my Fellowship with the Institute of Science and Technology and now, together with the technical community, will strive to build a partnership to support recognition for technical staff within Creative Arts based subjects.

The IST recognises that technical support services within HE are responsible for the maintenance, development and support specialist facilities and IT resources. They understand that skills required to enrich new technologies and focus on degree programmes that are relevant for today’s market place requires investment/development and crucially recognition for technical staff in areas such as Music, Journalism and Arts based subject areas. The IST is a Professional Body that I believe will play an important role in promoting tomorrows’ professionals in all fields. “

We look forward to working with Kuldip in the future, and are committed to developing the professional profile of our arts and media-based technicians, specialists and managerial staff.