IST’s New Initiative Championing Arts and Media Technicians

Arts/Video Technician

The Institute of Science and Technology, the professional body for technicians, is creating a new initiative to champion arts and media technicians.

The IST is committed to developing the professional profile of our arts and media-based technicians, specialists and managerial staff and we are now moving towards developing an Arts Register so that technicians working in the arts will be able to gain professional registration.

In collaboration with our partners at HEaTED, we will support technicians from the arts to become professionally recognised so that they can prove competency and skills, just like we do currently for technicians from the science and technology sectors.

Arts technicians can already apply for the Registered Practitioners award with the IST, which is an increasingly recognised measure of professional competence, but professional registration will be one step further.

Technicians in the creative arts industry can include people from a wide variety of roles – from university departments to those working behind the scenes at a theatre.

Being a technician in the arts involves a range of technical skills and specialist knowledge that is on par with those used by technicians in STEM subject areas. Therefore, arts technicians should have the same access to professional development opportunities, such as professional registration.

Terry Croft MBE FIScT, Chair and CEO Institute for Science and Technology (IST) said:

“We have been working for sometime to find the right partner to not only help us celebrate the great work that arts and media technicians do for this sector but also to help develop an appropriate register and look forward to working with HEaTED. We are already able to offer the IST’s Registered Practitioners award applicable to this group of professional technicians and look forward to making the first presentations in due course.

The IST will promote this specialist group of technicians through our web site, Journal, eNewsletter and other publications. The Arts and Media Board is to have representatives from the technicians working in this field as well as from HEaTED. I look forward to working with this group and supporting them to achieve the recognition they truly deserve.”

The IST is the professional body for specialists, technical and managerial staff working in all sectors including the Arts, Engineering, Science and Technology from manufacturing to higher education.

Dr Katherine Forsey, Membership and Networks Manager for HEaTED said:

“Professional registration is an important route through which technical staff can have their skills and expertise publically acknowledged and those in arts based disciplines must be given the same access to registration opportunities. HEaTED are delighted that the IST has stepped forward to become the professional registration awarding body that recognises arts technicians.

HEaTED will continue to provide networking and professional development opportunities for those working in the arts through our National Network of Arts Technicians (NNATS). We look forward to supporting the IST as they move towards developing an Arts register and look forward to celebrating the first Registered Arts Technicians when they are awarded.”

HEaTED delivers professional development for the technical workforce across the UK.